With the number of people joining and using social networking sites, social media is one huge force. SocialVibe (http://www.socialvibe.com/)┬átaps into this collective power of individuals by connecting people with brands. It allows users like you and me to engage with sponsors just by logging into the social network. You can decide to work for a cause of your choice. It allows you to contribute to something close to your heart by clicking away, but this time to make a difference to someone’s world. You click and for each activity you complete, funds are contributed by the sponsor of the activity.

This is my way of trying to make a small difference in this world. I chose the cause ‘Stand Up 2 cancer‘ because it is close to my heart. Today it is very rare to find anyone who has not been affected by cancer, if not oneself, a friend, a relative or an acquaintance. So let’s help fund cancer research so that the generations to come can say that it is rare to find someone affected by cancer.

I request all those who do read my blog to please spend a few minutes and click on the widget on the left side of my page to help me help my cause. Thank you, I really appreciate your help.

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