Who’s the new Blogger on the block!!!

I was reading my own About Me page and realized that it was not a complete description of me. It definitely gave no insight about who I am. So I decided that I need to do some justice to myself by rewriting the about me section.

Let me start from the beginning. I was born in Tellicherry, Kerala, India as according to tradition, the daughter goes back home to give birth to her first child. And since I am my parents first child my mom went back home. Six months after I was born, Dad, Mom and I were back to Bombay (I still can’t call it Mumbai), the place I call home. Though I am a Keralite and now my parents live in Kerala, I will always call Bombay my hometown. Kerala will always be the vacation home I went to every year during summer vacation to meet all my relatives who stayed there. I have wonderful memories of those summer vacations but Mumbai made me the person I am today.

I grew up to become an engineer but have always had an artistic streak in me. But with the kind of competition kids in schools and colleges face, I was never able to let that actually take a place of equal importance in my life. But those 4 years of engineering college ended with me making the strongest friendships I will ever make. I am not in touch with all 12 members of the ‘gang’ everyday but I know that they are there for me. These friends are now my family and much more.

Then after working in India for close to 4 years after my engineering graduation, I decided to get back to school and do my Masters. And that meant leaving my city and flying 1000’s of miles away to Tempe, Arizona. When I first landed here, I really wondered why I had made this decision, other than the fact that the school had exactly the degree program I was looking for. The reason for this was the heat, I landed in Phoenix (which is about 4 miles from Tempe) in the summer of 2006 and even at 2 in the night it was 100+ degree F. But as the months went by I fell in love with the city and my way of life.

I got married to Amit in January 2008 and life was even better. He was the one person who saw that artistic streak in me pop up now and then and encouraged me to go ahead and do what I love. So I started painting during my free time and experimenting with the food I make.

Now 4 years after coming to the US and 2.5 years of being married, I would say that I am living the life I really want to. Not that there have been no hurdles in my life. There have been the ups and downs but I guess I now have a way to relieve the everyday stress by doing what I love. I love my work (I am now doing my PhD in Industrial Engineering) and know that I will graduate and work in the industry as one; but I also know that I will not sacrifice my other passions (cooking and painting) for work.

All of us live just once so why go through life regretting what you could have done. No one can stop you from doing what you love, but you. I started the blog because I wanted to share my passion with like-minded millions out there. So cheers to all the food lovers and cooks out there, this blog is dedicated to all of you!!!

Why Now?

Well I realize that I spend almost the entire day in front of the laptop but don’t do much other than surf, read the news or login to social networking sites and of course work and study. But that’s not what I am all about and I definitely don’t want to look back at life and realize that I could have done much more. So I decided that I must start the food blog that I have been wanting to start from such a long time.

One main reason for me starting the blog is the fact that have a willing guinea pig, my husband!!! He loves it when I try out new recipes. And I must not forget my friend Muthu who has been encouraging me to start the food blog since a very long time. So I can share my recipes with her, now that she lives in Zurich.

Though I am from India and currently live in the US, I love to try different recipes from all over the world. I love trying out those good-looking appetizers, those yummy main dishes and of course the heavenly desserts. Since I eat almost all kinds of meats and vegetables, I am not restricted by the ingredients.

I intend to blog about the everyday and special foods I make. One of the main reasons being that I try out some recipes, love it but since I don’t have them written down anywhere I end up losing them. So here’s to never losing another awesome recipe.

  1. Muthu says:

    Shilpu…..you are the best. I am so excited that you actually started this…and and and so touched that you thought of me. :)
    Will be the biggest follower of the blog. I hope to try out all this stuff or you could just make it for me when I see you next.

  2. Renuka says:

    Hi Shilpa..i am super excited,read your reciepes…good for a starter like me….looking forward for more and more recipes &”Cooking with shilpamshinde” :)..take care

  3. Ashutosh says:

    Hi Shilpa,

    Good to see the site – its really well made. And the content is delicious too! Will keep dropping in here once in a while to pick up a good recipe.


    • shilpamshinde says:

      Well, yes you could say that I am doing some DOE definitely…. After all it’s in my blood after 4 yrs of working in the area of designed experiments. :). Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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